A close up of a black and white dog about to catch a treat in his mouth A crop shot of a miniature pinscher dog A close up shot of a black, orange and white dog looking straight at the camera, calm, ready for a tread. A small black dog with short legs sitting looking straight at the camera. Tongue out and a red collar. A red boston terrier standing with a white background looking to the right. Two dogs, a miniature pinscher and a rat terrier both looking straight at the camera, lying down, ready for a treat. Whose a good boy?! A full body shot of a miniature pinscher outside on a dirt path surrounded by grass with green trees blurred out in the background. A full body shot of a white and black Rat Terrier dog in the grass with a brick building in the background and a wooden fence to the left A full body shot of a miniature pinscher outside in spring with a freshly bloomed tree with purple flowers, but blurred out due to being shot with a large aperture. An action shot of a black fluffy dog running in a grassy area. He is wearing a yellow collar. A close up shot of a miniature pinscher in a dark scene with raining gold confetti.

Pet Portraits

In addition to human portraits, we also offer portraits of your favorite furry friends. Our studio is located in NYC / Manhattan New York and we would love to photograph your pet. Whether you’re looking for a clean black or white background or a red background iwth props – we can build your set. If you are looking for more of a natural setting we can take to the streets! I absolutely love street photography and portraits. We are fully based in NYC and can meet in you in Manhattan or Brooklyn or even Queens. I typically don’t leave the city but for the right project we can even meet you outside of NYC. Get in touch to schedule your shot.